Barbara Shapiro is an Artist  and Printmaker

Barbara Shapiro is a contemporary American painter and printmaker working almost exclusively on a polyester film know commonly as Mylar or Dura Lar. She exploits the characteristics of this material using combinations of acrylic paint, India ink, watercolor pencils, oil pastels and pasted papers for both her painting and printmaking.
Born in New York Barbara moved to Miami Beach, Florida for her teen years, went to the University of Miami for her B.A. and then on to graduate school in Washington, D.C. to study for her Masters. Back in New York she was the Media DIrector of a NYC advertising agency, Director of Public Relations for a museum and spent the next 20 plus years in the world of fashion and beauty.
Her work has been exhibited in galleries around New York City as well as galleries in Westchester, New York and in several cities in Connecticut. Her work is on loan to Westchester Community College and her printmaking was featured in the Monotype-Monoprint ezine.
She lives  and works in Westchester, New York.