Barbara Shapiro
Artist Statement

I found my sweet spot when I discovered Printmaking. I am a non-toxic Printmaker who travels between Pronto Plate Lithography, Monotypes and Monoprints, Carborundum prints, dry points and whatever else captures my imagination when I begin putting ink to brayer.
What is most interesting to me is types of layering. My most recent works have been printed on Mylar that already has a ground on it. It could be India ink wash or acrylic paint from a work that I am no longer satisfied with.  I am excited by experimenting with how the inked plate reacts to being on Mylar. 
On my Monotypes which I do on metal plates I often have 5 or 6 successive layers which I roll out without removing the ghost from previous printings. This layering process creates a richer and more interesting print.
Pronto Plate Lithography allows me to cut out shapes and ink them separately reorganizing them like puzzle pieces either in their original configuration or some variation. 
I add richness and texture by adding collage material to my prints often calling them “pasted papers” or adding Carborundum to my work.
For me Printmaking is synonymous with freedom (I remember my father telling me that when he flew/piloted small planes he felt the undisputedly free).
My work is graphic; it speaks for itself.